Patent Knotting

Product Description

Bartoline Patent Knotting solution is a quick drying alcohol-based natural lacquer and synthetic resin solution suitable for sealing knots and resinous areas of bare timber prior to the application of paints, waxes or polishes.

The film-forming resins in Patent Knotting are unaffected by natural tree sap as well as being insoluble in hydrocarbon solvents such as White Spirit, which are normally used in traditional alkyl-based primers and decorative coatings. The insolubility and oil-resistance of this resin prevents any interaction between the paint and the softwood sap resins which remain concentrated around the knots. Touch dry in 5-10 minutes and can be re-coated after 30 minutes under normal conditions.

Application: Sealing knots in all types of soft timbers such as doors, skirtings, stair rails and window frames. Cannot be overpainted with paints containing alcohol.

Available Pack Sizes

500ml Bottle